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Improving Your Supervisor and Manager Skills (3 day program)

[program can be tailored for on-site delivery]

Improving Your Supervisor and Manager Skills (3 day program)

[program can be tailored for on-site delivery]

Who should attend?

Who should attend?

Executive Leadership Training

Tailored for your organization's needs 


Do you want to get the most from your executive level leadership? We can deliver our tailored Executive Leadership training program to your organization at your site or an offsite location of your choosing. We can deliver this training as our standard three day program, a two or one day program or deliver it over numerous half days, whatever meets your busy schedule. Our topics for Executive Leaders include:

  • Leading and managing organizational and cultural change

  • Mastering the five aspects of leadership

  • Understanding and developing decision making skills

  • Developing best hiring and promotional practices

  • Understanding emotional and social intelligence 

  • Performance management and discipline

Or, we can create a blend of topics suited to your specific needs.


Contact us for more information.​

Program Subjects

Enhancing Your Leadership and Decision Making Skills

The seven attributes of an Effective leader

Leading your peers and subordinates

Leading up to the chain of command

Developing your communication skills

Effect of time of decision making

Developing better decision making 

Building Your Personal Leadership Brand

Understanding the importance of personal branding

Building vision statements and core values

Developing your personal brand

managing your brand for the future

Importance of social media in brand building

Understanding Emotional and Social Intelligence

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

The 5 crucial skills of Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Social Intelligence

Using Emotional and Social Intelligence to improve your leadership skills

Case Studies

Leading and Managing Organizational and Cultural Change

Understanding the main tenets of culture

Deviant culture and cultural skewing

How culture can be changed 

Identifying Obstacles to cultural change

Understanding innovation adoption

Identifying key people to make change


Strategic Thinking and Planning

Strategic thinking vs tactical decision making

Improving your strategic thinking and planning

Identifying the right strategic team members

Goal setting and vision

Developing the plan

Communicating the plan to stakeholders

Time Management and Effective Delegation

Importance of life - work balance

Effective time management skills

Identifying and eliminating time wasting items in your schedule

Using metrics to measure effectiveness

The importance of effective delegation and follow up

Using technology for better prioritization

Who Should Attend?

C-Suite Executives

Senior Managers

Senior Directors and Directors

Members of a Board

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