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Improving Your Supervisor and Manager Skills 

Tailored for your organization's needs 


Do you want to get the most from your front line leaders? We can deliver our three day program "Improving Your Supervisory and Management Skills" to your organization at your site or an offsite location of your choosing. We can deliver this training as our standard three day program, a two or one day program or deliver it over numerous half days, whatever meets your busy schedule. The program is made up of six sessions over three days:

  • Keys to effective management 

  • Building a positive work environment

  • Performance management and discipline

  • Strengthening your leadership abilities

  • Understanding US labor laws

  • Coaching and motivating your team to success

  • Time Management - organizing and prioritizing for success

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Young Professionals

Team and Project Leaders

Future Managers and Supervisors

Human Resource and labor Relations Professionals

Who should attend?

Keys to Effective Management

The Qualities of an Effective leader

Effects of Poor Leadership

Stumbling Blocks to Success

What Motivates People to Succeed

Managing Your Team

Management by Walking Around

The "Supervisor Seven" Tools

Strengthening Your Leadership Abilities

The attributes of a good leader

Vision and core values

Elements of effective leadership

Emotional and social intelligence

leadership styles and when to use them

Developing decision making skills

Coaching and Motivating Your Team To Success

Employee/Manager responsibilities

Using the coaching model

Pitfalls to avoid

Improving your communication skills

Building your personal leadership style

Leading effective meetings

Putting it all together

Understanding US Labor Laws

The basis of US labor law

National Labor Relations Act

Fair Labor Standards Act

Taft-Hartley Act

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Occupational Safety And Health Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Case Studies

Performance Management and Progressive Discipline

Developing performance standards

Setting and directing employee performance goals

Counseling employees on performance

Writing performance evaluations

Using progressive discipline in the workplace

Building A Positive Work Environment

The value of a positive work environment

Effects of conflict in the workplace

Five causes of conflict

The five options for conflict resolution

The “two minute Model” of conflict resolution

Team building for positive results

Program Subjects

Time Management

Understanding the concepts of time management

Improving your organizational skills

Overcoming the obstacles to effective time management

Learning how to effectively prioritize

Working with your team and boss to improve prioritization and communication

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